Howz Soltan Lake in Qom-Tehran as Natural Tourist Attraction

Howz Soltan Salt Lake, Iran's largest natural mirror

Iran's largest natural mirror Howz Soltan lake as Natural Tourist Attraction in Qom-Tehran highway is located like the great mirror in the middle of Iran, which is known as the largest natural mirror in Iran. The lake after becomes a big mirror because of its surface polish, and creates unique images.

Howz Soltan Lake of Qom

Howz Soltan, Natural Mirror

About Howz soltan

Howz Soltan was formed in 1883, due to the construction of the Qom-Tehran Road. Howz soltan Lake is located 40 km north of Qom city and 85 km south of Tehran on the edge of the Persian Gulf highway. The howz soltan lake, also known as the Lake Saveh Qom and Shahi Lake, is located approximately 240 square kilometers in the northeast of Qom, and is located in the south of the Alborz Mountains.

The size and shape of the lake varies according to the arrival of water and rainfall in different seasons. In the event of precipitation and melting of the surrounding highlands, due to the amount of water entering, its extent is high, and in other than these times, the extent of it decreases.

Water level of Howz soltan

The lake of Howz Soltan is composed of two parts clinging to Howz Soltan and Howz  Mereh, and in the past they were referred to the Shahi Lake. The western hole called Howz Soltan and the eastern hole is called the howz mareh, which is connected by a waterway. In the water-filled seagrass, the mareh hole is filled first and then the extra water enters the Soltan's pond.

Thus, the lake water level fluctuates continuously.

Several rivers enter the lake, which generally pass through the salt fields around the lake. The lake, due to its salt content, is often also known as salt lake, which is, of course, misleading, and salt lake is much larger in southeastern Qom. A large amount of salt is extracted annually from the lake of the howz soltan

Inside the lake is also an embankment road that is used to prevent the car from falling into the swamp.

Point about hiking in howz soltan

To get to the middle of the lake, you'll definitely get to clay and you will have salt marks for a long time in your shoes and lingerie, so avoid wearing official shoes and trousers.

Howz Soltan lake is like a large mirror in the middle of Iran. The altitude of the Howz Soltan is 820 m above sea level, which is almost the same throughout the lake.

Things to do in Howz soltan

Crossing the lake: Passing through the lake is so interesting and enjoyable that many people spend 5 hours of their time to reach the end.

Watching the largest natural mirror in Iran: The lake's polished surface, like its natural mirror, has expanded itself into the wilderness and created a special effect. So watch yourself in the biggest natural mirror in Iran.

Capturing Extremely Vivid Pictures: Photographing this scene takes many photographers to capture beautiful images.

Bicycling and Aphrod: Some also ride in the cycling and Aphrodite ranges and go through the lake.

Special soil of howz soltan

Studies have shown that the presence of a large number of different types of bacteria in the soils of the region indicates that Some of them are unique on the basis of primary evidence and have special genetic and physiological properties, enzymes, antibiotics and valuable microbial products.

So salt lake salmon is one of the most abundant mines and massive sources of magnesium production. In addition, the extraction potential of salt lake magnesium is not even economically comparable to that of seawater magnesium, and 10 to 14 kilograms of magnesium per 100 kg of salt can be obtained.

Best time for howz soltan

The best time to visit Lake Howz Soltan is the early spring and mid fall.

Howz soltan Addresses from tehran

On the Tehran-Qom highway, after 70 km to the left, there is a road towards the village of Cheshmeh Shoor which is beside it. Enter it and go from the first underpass to the other side of the highway to reach the lake.